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Author Topic: spooler getting filled  (Read 8700 times)

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spooler getting filled
« on: June 16, 2004, 11:50:30 AM »

I am working in an embedded product which is based on Suse Linux 6.4
and the kernel 2.4.5. Using this product one can connect to windows
servers and do things such as printing etc. I faced an issue with
LPRng printing. The lpd is running after the system is booted. My
spooler directory size is 9 MB. When i print a document of size more
than 9MB from the windows session, the spooler getting filled. I
connected my printer in parallel port i.e lp. so i am not able to
print the document more than the spooler size.
my /etc/printcap file is as follows

:lp=/dev/lp0: \
:mx#0:\ //made the spool directory size as infinity.

In order to solve the problem, i created a ramfs and mount it as a
spool directory. but the problem still exists.
Since it is an embedded product, i cant able to increase the spooler
size more. How can i get out from this problem. Expecting your
valuable suggestions.

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