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Author Topic: Centos 7 - no message log at all in /var/log- all blank  (Read 4659 times)

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Centos 7 - no message log at all in /var/log- all blank
« on: May 18, 2020, 08:26:01 PM »

Today I noticed that one of the Centos server I used, there are no logs being updated. Log rotation is working as but all current files are blank.
Nothing in

Some logs are working like /var/log/lfd.log ( I am using csf firewall).

I have been going through various topics online where people might have deleted or messed up permission of /var/log folder. But nothing so far . I even did side by side comparison of permission with a similar server. I don't see anything messed, all is good. Interesting thing is that everything is working fine.

Following online advices, I reinstalled rsyslog as it may fix the permission if they are messed:
Code: [Select]
yum remove rsyslogThen
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yum install rsyslog
Checking rsyslog status say its running .
Interesting thing is that even though no logs are being logged, all services are running fine on server. I think its more than 2 weeks since they are not working.

Is there any command or system to restore default permission of /var/log  ?

I don't want reinstall, it will be lots of headache given amount of data on the server.