Zorin OS 17 is transforming the graphical user interface in the Linux distribution.


Zorin OS 17, a Linux distribution that aims to provide a great and refined computing experience, has been announced by the developers. The new version comes with several new features and improvements that enhance the usability and aesthetics of the desktop environment.

One of the highlights of Zorin OS 17 is the “Spatial Desktop” feature, which gives users a better sense of what’s happening on their desktop. Users can switch between workspaces in a 3D cube-style view that shows a floating effect of the app windows. Users can also switch between windows in a 3D window switcher that replaces the standard 2D dialogs. These features are not enabled by default, but users can turn them on from the “Effects” section under the Zorin Appearance settings.

Another new feature is the advanced window tiling experience, which was requested by many users. Users can easily arrange and resize windows on their screen using keyboard shortcuts or the mouse. Users can also access a new quick settings menu that lets them adjust important settings, such as the system’s performance mode (performance/balanced), which is useful for laptop users. Zorin OS 17 also introduces a new screenshot and screen recording tool that is similar to the one on GNOME.

Zorin OS 17 Pro, which will be released soon, will also offer two new desktop layouts, one inspired by ChromeOS and the other by GNOME 2. These layouts will give users more options to customize their desktop experience.

Zorin OS 17 is a Linux distribution that tries to appeal to Windows and macOS users who want a visually appealing and user-friendly desktop environment. The new features and improvements in Zorin OS 17 make it a more fun and enjoyable computing experience. Users can download Zorin OS 17 from the official website or from the Flathub store.

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