Introducing rlxOS: A Linux Distro with Immutable Updates, Privacy Focus, and Xfce Desktop


rlxOS is a new Linux distribution that aims to provide a modern, secure, and privacy-oriented operating system with an Xfce desktop. rlxOS is built from scratch as an independent project, and it uses a unique technology called Ostree to deliver atomic and immutable updates.

Ostree is a system that allows rlxOS to keep two versions of the operating system: one before and one after the updates. This way, users can easily roll back to a previous state if something goes wrong, or compare different versions of the system. Ostree also ensures that the system is always consistent and reliable, without any conflicts or corruption.

rlxOS also focuses on privacy, and it does not track, collect, or store any user data. rlxOS supports Flatpak, a framework that isolates applications from the system and each other, and gives users control over permissions and access. Flatpak also enables secure and reliable updates for applications.

rlxOS uses Xfce as its desktop environment, which is one of the most popular and lightweight desktops available. rlxOS customizes Xfce to give it a nice look and feel, and it also includes some useful applications and tools. For example, rlxOS has Distrobox, a tool that lets users run other Linux distributions in containers, and export applications from them. rlxOS also has a graphical app for managing Bluetooth devices, an SDDM Configuration Editor tool for configuring the login screen, and the Redshift tool for adjusting the screen brightness at night.

rlxOS is a rolling release distribution, which means that users do not need to reinstall it when there is a major update. rlxOS also has a documentation website that explains how to use and customize the system. rlxOS is still a new and experimental project, and it may not be suitable for daily use. However, users who are interested in trying it can download the ISO image from the official website or use the rlxos-installer tool to install it on their computers.

rlxOS is an interesting and innovative Linux distribution that offers a different approach to system updates, privacy, and application management. rlxOS is based on the latest and cutting-edge technologies, and it has a simple and elegant Xfce desktop. rlxOS is a promising project that deserves attention and support from the Linux community.

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