HandBrake 1.7 Launches with Noteworthy Improvements for Video Conversion

HandBrake, the widely-used open-source video transcoder, has introduced its latest major release, HandBrake 1.7, bringing significant upgrades to the video conversion tool. This release, arriving nearly a year after HandBrake 1.6, focuses on enhancing user experience and functionality.

As a favored option for Linux users seeking reliable video conversion solutions, HandBrake 1.7 offers several key features:

Linux-Specific Enhancements:

  • The addition of support for bit depth and HDR information in the video summary.
  • A new option to pause video encoding when transitioning to battery power or a power-saving mode.
  • Improved support for native file choosers and drag-and-drop functionality during video scanning.
  • Customizable automatic file naming options.
  • Removal of the outdated update checker.

New AV1 Encoders:

  • A notable highlight is the introduction of two new AV1 encoders—AMD VCN AV1 and NVIDIA NVENC AV1.
  • Existing AV1 encoding support is improved with the implementation of multi-pass ABR mode for SVT-AV1.

Performance Improvements:

  • Significant boosts in performance, particularly on CPU architectures like ARM64/AArch64 and Apple Silicon.
  • Utilization of new SVT-AV1 assembly optimizations.
  • Faster HEVC decoding with the latest FFmpeg libraries.
  • A 30% increase in speed for bwdif filtering.

Other Changes and Enhancements:

  • Updates to various third-party libraries.
  • Refreshed presets for Creator and Social.
  • Addition of new Apple VideoToolbox hardware presets.
  • Enhanced dynamic range metadata pass-through for Dolby Vision and HDR10+.

Upgrade Instructions:

  • Users of Windows and macOS will be notified of updates within the application, and it is advisable to back up custom presets and preferences before upgrading.
  • Windows users are recommended to install Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime version 6.0.x for proper functionality.
  • Linux users can update through the Flathub store or reinstall using updated Flatpak bundles from the official site or GitHub repo.

For those interested in exploring the technical details, the release notes are available for reference.

Download HandBrake 1.7: HandBrake 1.7 is accessible for Linux, Windows, and macOS users on the official website.

In a landscape where digital tools are ever-evolving, HandBrake’s commitment to improvement positions it as a reliable choice for those seeking effective video conversion solutions.

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