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Author Topic: Tata Indicom I'll guarantee you get connected,but......some problem is there...  (Read 4039 times)

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Dear friends, I have a Tata phone LSP 350. I've been searching all over the net for my LSP 350 getting worked for linux. I got an rconnect software for linux. I've a mandriva 2007 live cd. I booted from that and I installed rconnect from terminal. There are 4 options for your phone model. Unfortunately no LSP 350. But I selected LSP 340E from there and installed rconnect. Then I connected my LSP 350 to internet!!!
But..... now..... remember that I said a problem is there.... yes.... webpage says "cannot be displayed"...
I think it is the problem of DNS addresses..

How can I rectify this?? please...

I tested wvdial.conf but whenever i type wvdial <dialername> the result says no command like wvdial.

OK next, If I install mandriva 2007 along with WindowsXP, can I browse windows hdds from mandriva?

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You have to install wvdial if its not in your system, also login as su and then run /sbin/wvdial .

Also, you can access windows partition from Linux effectively.