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Which one is your favourite Distro in Linux ?

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Here I wanna know that which distro which u people like most??

Also pm me to add your distro name here..

I picked Mandrake but I like Gentoo most.  I picked Mandrake because it is a really great OS for someone that is new or switching from windoze.  I did the former not the latter.  I hate windoze, sorry.

I think Gentoo is really cool and fast.  Mandrake is easy to setup as long as hardware is compatable.

LFS, maybe one day soon.  That one is tough.


 :D  :D  :D  :D

My assessment of the common distros:

Mandrake - excellent for new starters.

SuSE - excellent for new as well as somewhat advanced users. But I don't like some of their propritory modifications to the common apps.

RedHat - very good for servers and networks. Most of the documentation available make reference to it. Almost the defacto standard. But they had always been non-considerate towards the SOHO/desktop/small users. Now they have started concentrating on the Enterprise - the money is there. Fedora project is there way of telling the world that they are connected to the Linux philosophy.

Gentoo - Excellent. Optimal installation. very fast. Requires tons of patience to build. Needs bandwidth for Net access, else you will be sitting for days, something uncommon for common Indian users. But certainly a Distro to watch out in the future.

Debian - Not for newcomers. Rock solid. True to the GNU/Linux philosophy. "Apt" alone makes it way above the rest. It means you have really graduated.

Slackware - Sticks to the old world charm. Is the most Unix-like of all. Rock solid.

Haha, i agree with nar singh :)

I used Red Hat as my first linux ( Now using Fedora)
Well, it pampers me a lot especially in console mode. Suitable for setting up servers.

Slackware is my new flavour . Well, it's very fast i can say. Few services and fast boot up time. :)
Not very suitable for beginners. I like its idea of installing package without dependencies. (*.tgz packages)

Mandrake, errr, guess i use it only for multimedia stuffs. Nothing much actually. Very suitable for those u likes to use GUIs (good for beginners)

Cant i vote more than one distros? :( I like slackware too.

guys.. We don't have many vote for the poll but uptill now.. Redhat is on the top..
So.. RedHat is the best ??


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