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Which one is your favourite Distro in Linux ?

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Not many people knows about this poll i think.
Why not we put a headline on top of the main forum index to let others know.

I vote for RedHat (or now Fedora) or also PCQ Linux which is based on Fedora.

I can't vote for anything else, because I have never seen any other distro so far except Knoppix, Red Hat (Fedora) and PCQ Linux (based on Fedora)

using Debian. it's pretty kool. beside this, i like gentoo !:)

I choose Mendrake I mean Mandrake. I'm not sure why being easy is a bad thing but I need to work thus the user freindlyness of Mandrake hits the spot.
However the version of Mandrake10 I have is not very stable I don't know why but 9.2 was a lot better for stablility.

One reason for going for Red Hat / Fedora is that you will find most number of books for that. They are easily available and cheap. So self-learning is easier.


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