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Cluster Installer
« on: June 14, 2006, 01:18:14 AM »
Good Day

I have just purchased my own servers and would like to contract someone for some work in setting them up the way I want.

I wish to setup a few servers in a load balance clustered fashion. I want to have 10 VPS running, using whatever works best, on four or more servers with the following hardware:

Pentium D Dual-Core 2.8Ghz 830 CPU
Asus P5LD2-VM
80GB SATA II Hard Drive

And then have two storage servers on the backend with the following

Dual Opteron Dual-Core 265 Italy 1Ghz HT Socket 940 1.8Ghz Tyan Thunder K8SR (S2881) 4GB ECC RAM Areca RAID 6 Controller 6X 400GB SATA II Drives (1.5TB usable storage)

What I want basically is make sure that all the VPSs are highly available.

Either have 10 VPS on all four servers and have it all load balanced across them. Or have 5 VPS on two, and then 5 VPS on the other two. If you have a better suggestion let me know.

All VPSs will be configured with 200GB storage.

Each of the VPSs will be hosting 300 domains for a total of 3000 domains that will be hosted. You don’t set those up, just letting you know how much load will be put on these.

All typical web hosting services will be required including, pop3, smtp, http, ssl, dns, mysql.

If necessary, the storage servers can be configured to be dedicated mysql servers if the load balancing won’t work in this situation. Some tell me it can work, while others say it cannot.

These storage servers have to be configured with NFS so that the drives can be mapped to each of the front end VPS servers.

I can have which every open source OS installed you think is best.

I think using Webmin will be easiest since they already have modules to support clustered environments. I need each VPS to have their own control panel.

Any open source VPS is fine… I tried to make a deal with Virtuozzo, but they would not budge on their licensing scheme for the sake of me having a load balance situation. For 10 VPSs across 4 servers I end up paying for 40VPS licenses, and with what they charge that gets crazy.

I would like to use the Openmosix Cluster solution to create a super computing environment... If this is used I suppose there is no need for all the mapping stuff and such :) .. Everything will just work as one. Can mysql operate ok in this kind of environment?

I have been told by others that VPSs cannot handle memory dynamically. Ie.
Have a VPS set with a minimum of 128mb but allow it to burst to 512mb or 1024mb when necessary and available. Or to set 200GB per VPS I have to actually have to setup separate volumes for each one.. rather then just assigning a quota similar to what I already do with shared hosting.

I have been told by some that I should go with gentoo, others have suggested Debian, FreeBSD, CentOS .. etc etc.. at this point I just don’t care anymore, I just want this working. I have been jerked around by too many companies selling me products, and no solutions. If you are the one that can do this, please contact me along with some kind of quote as to how much you want to charge for all this, as well as which particular OS you would like me to have setup and any RPMs necessary so you simply SSH into the boxes and get them done.


Luke Pierce
Email: Needlinuxhelp@dotcompower.com