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External Modem
« on: July 03, 2006, 04:40:37 AM »
I have an eMachine with 766 MHz Intel Celeron, Intel 810 chipset, 66 MHz FSB.  It was purchased new with MS ME OEM installed several years ago.  

I have recently loaded Ubuntu 5.1 on the hard drive by itself, clean install, and that went well, but I can't get my internet connection established.  
(A little background...I had this same Ubuntu on another newer computer that was running XP Home and was able to connect.)

I purchased a Best Data External V.92 Modem, Model 56SX-92 in order to use Linux on the newer computer, so I have hooked it up to use on this older machine.  However, the instructions that came with the modem for installing it with Linux, apply only for a Kppp hookup, not Gnome ppp.

When I go to "K" >  "Internet", there is no choice for Kppp or Gnome to set up a connection.  If I use Synaptic Manager, I can find Kppp and Gnome ppp listed under "Internet" but they are shaded:  if I check Kppp the message tells me my platform does not support it, if I check Gnome ppp, it tells me the application is probably on a Universal Repository, but since I can't get online, I don't know how to access that application.  

Is this older machine just not equipped to handle Linux because of the original OEM status for some reason, or is there a workaround?  I have tried the Linux Newbie site and had some suggestions but they iinvolve being on-line or the suggestions have not been successful.