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Title: SCSI Smart Array
Post by: kenchix1 on July 26, 2004, 09:29:39 AM
Before I installed the redhat 9 in our server, I removed the 2nd hard disk on the bay. It used to served as a mirror (RAID 0+1) when we were using windows NT 4. I removed it because I was afraid to commit mistake and thought that it would be safer if I install Redhat 9 without the mirror hard disk and in case the setup was not successful, I still have the second hard disk that will definitely run whenever I inserted it.

I was successful on installing Redhat 9 and now that server run as a File Server and working properly with the first hard disk inserted on the first bay.

My problem now is how to put the 2nd hard disk that will serve as a mirror of the 1st hard disk.

I'm using ML370 G2 server and it has a smart array 431 controller.

Please help.