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Same Proxy, two different networks


How to configure two proxies on the same installation?

The aim is as follows- I currently have two proxies connecting to two different networks. I want to combine them into one with the same ACLs.
So that the same client can access the two proxies onthe same host using the same IP address and port
Could anyone help out

Do you mean you have internet connection through two proxy servers.. and now you want to combine both of them ?

To do so you can squid on that machine and in squid.conf file define "parent proxy" as the above proxy.

Look out some older post in forum to get exact way of defining that :)


My reqmt is as follows:-

I have two proxies pointing to two different networks So a user has to change the proxy setting each time in the browser to access each proxy.

Instead I want to combine both into one single proxy so that based on ACLs/target requested by user/ or whatever criterions possible, the user must be able to browse both networks using  the same proxy server settings

Can this be done



This can be done and actually on last reply I was telling the same.. to do so you have to make another proxy combining both of the parents, you can then define which proxy to be used for which critarea..

This is little vast , I suggest you to look squid.conf.defualt file to get better IDEA.


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