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NAT and Squid Difference


Hi Ricky and every one

i want to ask that can we use NAT and Squid at the same time and which

what will be the difference b/w using them at the same time and seperatly



Squid and NAT can be used together..

first you understand a brief about both..

NAT = Network Address Translation

Here in that we set your Linux box to act as gatway to your local computer so that they can access internet through it. In this way your clients sends the request to internet which are passed to server which changed them according so that they can be sent over internet, now reply from internet is returned, at this point our server again do changes accordingly and then foward that to local client. What it actually do is network address translation (when sending and when recieiving packets from internet)

Squid = A proxy server for LINUX

Here in this you set a proxy on LINUX on a specific port (say port 8000) now when client request for packet from internet on port 8000 of that box then it simply recieves the request and then fectches that from internet and then return to that box, so address of packet is not altered. It means if u request a PC running proxy on it.. say on port 8000 then u can connect to internet by specifying server as and port 8000 in your web browser.
BTW.. squid also caches the pages.. ie store them on local computer so that next they are required will be delivered through cache so faster browsing .

Hi Ricky

If i use Nat for gateway for our lan and i define delay pool in my squid then is there any effect to control bandwidth


Hi Ricky

If we use NAT and squid proxy at the same time then which one be more efective then other
i mean NAT   or Squid.


Tranparent proxy is combination of NAT and squid..
ie .. you can restrict bandwidth as well as have power/simplicity  of NAT .

So you can use squid and NAT on one machine


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