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Hi all,

i m running linux+squid+transparent proxy server.

can anybody tell me few things :

1. should/can i remove files of /var/log/squid dir frequently??

2. I have 128 mb ram.
    what should be setting in squid.conf for

3. how to optimize the speed at clients?

thanks in advance..

nilesh 0091-98252 45551

Ricky: can disable logs .. see my squid.conf example files at tutorial section.

128 for RH9 and SQuid ? right !!
then you should keep only 8 mb of RAM

max.. object size.. i keep 4096 but only if you have 40 or less clients .. for more clients it shold be lesser.

Hmm.. there are several techniques to speed up squid.. but first you should increase your RAM.. i think better look out net.. btw.. tehre is a link i don't remeber .. which is very good.. will tell you when i will came across it.

Hey Ricky

thanks again.....

i will check out the example file at tutorial section.

but i've got one problem now..

after running for 1-2 hr.... the i can not brows any sites from browser.

what i have kept IE/Netscape settings as proxy and using yahoo as no proxy connection.

do u require cache.log history for that?

thanks & regards


cache.log is to see that what is the problem there.. when it crashed or whatever..

So now as u are not able to browse sites after 1-2 hrs then I might want to look few last lines of your cache.log say last 15 lines.. so that i can evaluate the cause and can give solution.

Hey Ricky,

i've removed the fireware temporarily and now checking the settings..

When it will  stop browsing, i will send u the  tail of cache.log file.

further, after NAT settings i can view webcam of other side but the voice chat can not b started from client pc in yahoo. so what could be the problem?

best regards

0091-98252 45551


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