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DDNS and sendmail configuration
« on: July 19, 2004, 09:27:17 PM »
I searched for such a setup through all the forums and i haven't found anyone who has given a full answer to such a question, so i am going to ask it.  

I am a linux newbie and am still really learning Redhat linux 9.0.  I have previous experience using IRIX on SGI powered machines (in the graphics industry).  

I have connected my box to my internal network and also to my linksys router.  I have configured apache so that I can host a website.  This weekend, I registered my domain name, also paid for custom DNS through  I downloaded and installed DDclient and everything seems to be working well.

Now my questions is, I would like to setup sendmail (which i have limited knowledge of but i am sure i can tackle it) so that I can e-mail myself info from forms on my website.  Is this possible to do with the setup I have mentioned above??  I also want to configure sendmail for IMAP service so that I can send and recieve e-mails  from and also from  my e-mail addresses.  Is this possible to do??  And last questions, would I, or do I need to set up regular DNS service (primary??) on my linux machine to do all of this (although I have registered DDNS through

Any help would or answers would be greatly appreciated.  This is like the last hurdle I have in configuring everything on this machine.  Thank you very much!!!