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Problem with new NIC card



I bought a new NIC card, but unfortunately Redhat 8.0 doesn't have support fot the card, but i downloaded the required driver from the net, now how do i go abt installing the driver so that i can use the new NIC card

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jayakrishnan :roll:

the driver may be in an rpm format or a .tar format
if it is in the .rpm format use the command by loging in root

--- Code: --- rpm -ivh <driver>
--- End code ---
this will install the driver
use the man pages for more details

if it is in a .tar format extract it and then u may have to compile it, then install it as root. read also the doc section in the directory.


Is it so easy to install a driver in linux.


i thought u had u create a module and the install that module using some command(insmod etc)


when u install a driver using the rpm's, they generally have a setup file ( for eg. when i install my modem it had a setup file.). it creates all the req entries in /dev and also adds it in modules.conf
all the installation details will be in the documentation, under the coulmn installation.


oh ok thanks  :D


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