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IBM pc camera in RED Hat 9


I have problem with IBM pc cam in Red Hat 9. When the machince is booted with the camera connected the machine hangs at booting of Red Hat. When the camera is connceted (USB) while the machine is running Red Hat, the machine hangs and has to be rebooted using reboot button. How to solve the problem?

You better get new KERNEL like 2.6.1 and compile it.. as it has better support ..
and ur computer is hanging when USB is connected is normal.
So what u have to do is compile new kernel with right option selected ... and make sure that following are enabled as module
--- Code: ---ohci-hcd, uhci-hcd, usbdevfs, usbnet, usb-storage, scsi, ntfs, vfat, visor, usbserial
--- End code ---
To see how to compile u can give look to Kernel compilation and upgradation

then all u need is to load specific module and u r up. and for further help abt kernel ask in kernel section.


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