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Dear All

My site has three squid proxies Squid A ,Squid B Squid C
The Squid A proxy listen to port 80 requests
And now I want proxy squid A after reading the url submiited by users to forward the port 80 traffic to squid B or squid C depending upon the url asked for

I know that I can use
cache peer parent 80 default no querry
acl one url-regex

Now the acl url regex reads the url submitted by the url
But Now want coammand which will forward port 80 packet to Squid B for all the request made for


Man you can either use no_cache directive with conjuction with cache_peer as your parent proxy.. or use..

--- Code: ---acl microsoft dstdomain
always_direct allow microsoft
--- End code ---
but that is for direct connection so if you are child proxy then it will automatically direct request to parent proxy without caching..


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