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Author Topic: [alert] [client ] /home/usea/public_html/.htaccess: Option FollowSyml  (Read 1010 times)

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Hello, I have got an issue which I think I had resolved in past when I asked here. I can't recall where so I am asking again, if anyone knows solution then please let me know.

I am receiving error 500 internal server error on an Apache server.

If I look into apache error logs , I find following lines:
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Fri Jul 5 21:38:46 2014] [alert] [client] /home/usea/public_html/.htaccess: Option FollowSymlinks not allowed here
So, what is the problem here, what I am missing ?


Nevermind, I found the solution, it was .htaccess using old Options +FollowSymlinks

Now it is deprecated, just use : +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch instead of that and problem solved..

So your .htaccess should look like :

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Options +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^.*$
# YOUR more commands goes here..

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alert client /home/usea/public_html/ htaccess Option FollowSyml
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You have to login with the gaijin account if you started star conflict. I had the same issue and logged in my star conflict with the gaijin account. But I dont remember where it was.