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Author Topic: mplayer not responding to webcam  (Read 7799 times)

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mplayer not responding to webcam
« on: April 05, 2012, 08:20:31 AM »
Running slackware 13.37 and using mplayer to take pictures (snapshots) with webcam.
I did this under 13.0 and have not used the script since.  Since it was not working I searched and got about a dozen command lines with which to take snapshots with the webcam but none work.  When I developed the script a big bugabo was that the camera device address would change.  I finally found a way to find where the camera was but with the new system that method no longer works.  Consequently, I cannot determine if the reason that the mplayer command line just brings up a window 640x480 which is totally black means the camera is toast or if the system is using the wrong device address (bttv) or some other reason. 
My lsusb indicates 2n9c102 is used and lsmod shows it, and the camera and driver are detected in the boot up sequence.
Any clues would help.