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Author Topic: I have some problems of ldap configuration  (Read 2409 times)

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I have some problems of ldap configuration
« on: May 22, 2011, 12:35:09 PM »
hi all,i am new for debian.
my school project need to bulid up a website which need to use C#.
however,if we use linux system to bulid up this server will have extra mark.
and also it will need to use window ser to be the sql server and use its AD by ldap.

There is my situation.
I have bulid up the part of Window Server, i hv config. the sitting of it.
I have put my website in window ser ,it is sucessful to connect the sql server, and use the AD as my account user.

Now i need to use debian to be my web server.
i have searched my information about mono +ldap of debian.
also i have installed mono on my debian,i test it by using some asp examle,it is work.
when i use my website,it can show up my page,but when i try to login,it failed.
It seems like the connection problem.

there are a few questions in my mind.
1.)If i use my debian to be my webserver,is it will be the ldap client of my Window Server?
2.)What necessary configuration should be done?

Thanks for your time,hope someone can helpme.Regard.ckc654321hk
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