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Author Topic: Avoiding Hard Disk Data Recovery Services  (Read 6355 times)

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Avoiding Hard Disk Data Recovery Services
« on: February 25, 2011, 08:21:02 PM »
1. If you have an older hard drive, be sure to run free tools
like Data Lifeguard software to check the current condition of
your drive. By discovering any problems before they crash your
disk, you'll have a chance to copy your information before all
is lost.

2. When the time comes to copy your data from one disk to
another, remember to keep the old hard disk. You'll want to make
sure you have a backup while you give your new drive some time
to make sure it is running well.

3. Even on new computers, files on your hard drive can become
disorganized over time. Make sure to run your favorite
defragmentation program regularly.

4. Partioning your disk can also help improve performance. Make
sure to do this from within your operating system if your disk
already has partitions on it. This can often be done through
your operating systems management console.

5. Do not ignore any problems that crop up. If your computer
starts acting strangely, running slower, or giving your error
messages, run a scan disk or CHKDSK immediately. Remember, it
will be much cheaper to repair your hard drive prior to a total