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nVidia nforce ethernet card not detected in RHEL 5


I use an nVidia nforce MCP73 ethernet card on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It is not getting detected and hence I'm unable to configure my network. Please help me out, I am a newbie.

by default linux doesn't detect nvidia drivers, download the drivers  from

its a zip file, unzip it on ur box ( with command unzip ) or on GUI , it contains many dir, go to RHEL5 or 4 ( depends upon which version u are using), and install the rpm package by

#rpm -ivh packagename


I tried the above too. The thing is when I use the lspci command or dmesg command, I can see my ethernet card, but when I go to System->Administration->Netwrok in the GUI, I cannot see my ethernet card either in the devices tab, or in the hardware tab. I'm in a fix and do not know what to do.

Are you saying that you have installed the nvidia drivesrs rpm, still its not able to detect?
What the NIC modules are ? Is these are there? check lsmod


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