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How to balance load of squid

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Is it possible to balance requests of squid user's through
squid ?
If yes,
how can we do squid load balancer, then
need help
Thanks in Advance

I want to balance the requests through Squid.
That means I want a Load Balancer in Squid.
Is this possible in Linux.
How to achieve this.
Please tell me the steps to so this.
Thanks in advance ..............

You want to load balance squid traffic on multiple gateways. You can achieve it by IP Command list. go through the link for more details.

that link is about route, is there anything in squid configuration??

What I understand is they have Squid with multiple WAN links. They want to load balance squid traffic on all wan links. The solution has been provided on this regards.

Please let me know if any thing wrong with my understanding. That will help us to understand and resolve the issue.


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