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SD card partition corrupted


Hi all,
I have an transcend sd card in my embedded device.when i am running an application to test the sd card the sd card gets corrupted once in 100 times or less...
My sd card test application shall mount the sd card writes the 1 kb file to sd card and unmount the sd card and again mount the sd card reads the 1 kb file and compare with file written into sd card and unmounts the sd card.The sequence of steps is as follows:-
mount /dev/mmcblk1 /mnt/sd
write the 1 kb file
umount /mnt/sd

mount /dev/mmcblk1 /mnt/sd
read the 1 kb file and compares
umount /mnt/sd

if i perform the above test and power off and power on the embedded device and perform the test again if we do like this for 40-50 time the partition of the sd card is getting corrupted and i am not able access the content of the sd card either in linux or windows pc...I need to format the sdcard to access it again...

I would like to find a solution for why the card is getting corrupted...

Thanks in Advance...


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