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Author Topic: Postfix+OpenLDAP+Courier-IMAP Maildrop error Invalid user  (Read 3562 times)

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Postfix+OpenLDAP+Courier-IMAP Maildrop error Invalid user
« on: April 09, 2004, 01:15:37 AM »

I am using Postfix+Squirrelmail+OpenLDAP+Courier-IMAP
and Spamassassin setup
all domains on this server are virtual and whenever we receive spam mail Spamassassin detects that as spam and adds ******SPAM****** in the subject line as i have configured and send mail to recipient.
now I want to all spam mails which are marked YES by Spamassassin while mail filtering as spam should go to the "Spam" folder under /home/vmail/domains/virtualdomain/user/.Spam ( /home/vmail/domains/virtualdomain/user/Maildir/.Spam -- path depends upon the setup )
as per my information we have to use maildrop to do all filtering, then i can use .mailfilter file to filter every mail whether it is for local or virtual domain so i installed maildrop from source by passing neccessary parameter to it like LDAP support etc. as per the documentation and configured maildrop in /etc/postfix/ (even i tried mailbox_command = /usr/local/maildrop/bin/maildrop still same error)
and reloaded postfix but after that i am getting following error

"relay=maildrop, delay=0, status=bounced (user unknown. Command
B> output: Invalid user specified. )"

all virtual users are working perfect if i dont use maildrop as a MDA.

I can also add that the error is "Invalid user specified." if I run "maildrop -d" as a root account is in Base exists. May be maildrop not interacting with LDAP to get the user information or IMAP is not getting either.

I want to get maildrop working for moving spam mails to .Spam folder.

My current setup is as follows :
Fedora core 1
Postfix postfix-2.0.19.tar.gz
Courier-IMAP - courier-imap-3.0.2-1.1
Squirrelmail - squirrelmail-1.4.2-1
OpenLDAP - openldap-2.1.22-8

I highly appriciate if someone could beam up light on this.

Thanks in Advance


Mike Anderson

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Postfix+OpenLDAP+Courier-IMAP Maildrop error Invalid user
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2004, 01:29:42 AM »
I had exactly the same problem and I actually went so far as to re-compile the courier imap daemon and maildrop to add some debug messages to figure out what was going wrong.

I have no idea if my solution has ANYTHING to do with your problem because you're using LDAP while I'm using MySQL, but what I found out was that somewhere with the users the information is stored about a) the homedir and b) the maildir. This is used by most of the programs involved to figure out where the mailboxes are on your system.

The problem is that it seems that evry program has its own way of interpreting the values in these field, so while I found several different(!) examples of what to put in these fields there was not one combination that worked for all the programs involved.

In the end I figured out that it's best that both values are stored as absolute paths instead as one being relative to the other as most other examples I found showed them.

It's also a bit easier to configure if the maildir is just the same value as the homedir with /Maildir/ appended.

Hope this helps a bit!


PS: If the developers would only have put in a bit more verbose messages! I spent daaaays getting all this to work. Very nice so many HOWTOs but not one worked 100% for me.