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Author Topic: Linux HP printer puzzle-HP all-in-one F370 and a hp1020 laser  (Read 8044 times)

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I'm a linux newbie, and having difficulties with printer instalation.

   I have 2 printers , one HP all-in-one F370 and a hp1020 laser. I tried everything, all drivers delivered with my CentOS, drivers from HP, compiled some, generated some PPD, but no luck. Most of the time, printer sits quietly, although my led usb cable blinks (signaling data going through), or the F370 led panel starts blinking chaotically and an 'E' appears on the printer's led display.

   I'm desperate, I'm willing to change my distro if necessary, but I cant' buy a new printer.
   Any idea is wellcome.

Btw, I tried to use a windoze as a print server, worked for HP1020, also if I swich the usb cable from the Win to the Lin, after printing one page with the Win machine, the printer worked !!! ... until the next restart. But that goes only for 1020. For 370 there is no driver on the linux side, for me to use with the samba connection. The all-in-one F370 is very important for me to work with.
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