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Author Topic: Fluxbox opening programs as root instead of user (?)  (Read 2005 times)

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Fluxbox opening programs as root instead of user (?)
« on: February 03, 2009, 07:55:36 AM »
QUICKFACTS: I'm running the latest version of Fluxbox on openSUSE 11.1 with KDE4.1 as my.. base, I guess it's called. Now;

I'm sorry for posting two questions back-to-back but I thought it would be better than adding them into one topic as they're, well, different..

Ok, so I'm having problems opening programs and having them look like they do when I run them as root. Now, I've already edited the Menu to include the programs I want, but it seems to me that whenever I open a program from the right-click "RootMenu" it opens it as root user instead of user (me).

Example; I select a torrent file for openSUSE Live CD. Whenever I go to open the torrent file with either Ktorrent or Deluge it opens the program as root. The way I understand this is because the entire look of the program is different than when I normally open it in KDE4. In KDE4 it looks clean and displays with the colors as I selected. When I open the same program in Fluxbox (either by the previous method or by using fbrun) it appears the way it would if I were running as the root user. Like when I use Firefox in KDE4 the fonts are all small and tidy, but in Fluxbox they're big and clunky, and when I open a file from my downloads in Firefox it opens Nautalis instead of Dolphin, like in KDE4.

..Unless I'm mistaken? Does Fluxbox run a different theme (or whatever it's called) like GTK2 or ... I don't know, Compiz.., QT. I'm still not used to what everything is considered. All's I know is that when I run the same exact program in KDE4 it looks the way I told it to look and when I run it through Fluxbox it looks the way it looks when I run it as root, like how I'd do it if I did a sudo or su first.

Any tips as to how to get Fluxbox to open programs the same way they open as in KDE4? Sorry if I made this sound more complicated then it needs to be.