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When we were using Windows NT4, our server shutdown itself at 10pm and power up itself at 6am automatically using Powerchute and Failsafe software (separate server and UPS). Now that we migrated our operating server to Linux, I can't find a way to do it. Is there an RPM/conf/software for this in linux ?

Thank you. Definitely, nobody wants to stay in the office just to shutdown the server and go the office early in the morning just to turn it on.

Please help.

In redhat i have seen a power management software which is compatible to APC.. it comes with redhat and you don't need to install it. I think you should do little more exploring.. :)

it's been days now, but still can't find any solution to my problems. Linux can shutdown the ups during power failure, but it seems it can't turn off and on the power on per schedule basis.

Im sorry I really can't find it.

Do u know how to recompile the kernel, try to install a kernel that suppports APM, coz from wat i know a bit of it, the kernel normal user uses are the standards ones that is without the APM-supported kernel.

Coz, in Slackware there is such difference b4 installing kernel. Just to bring it to ur attention ;)

but when I had Redhat 9 installed.. there is a GUI made for APC compatible system.. same as we have in Windows. installed automatically, Now i no more use Rehdat OS.. so I can't tell.. :) BTw.. that ws installed as normal user..


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