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I'm confused why my IBM xseries 220 doesn't automatically shutdown whenever I typed "Poweroff" or "Shutdown -h now". It just says at the end "Power Down." and I have to press the power button manually to turn of the computer. Is there any file that i can alter to make the automatic shutdown work ?

BTW, I installed linux on another computer and it automatically power off itself just by typing "poweroff".

Please help.
Thanks in advance.

ya man i also faced the same thing so i started shutting down from the GUI or started using telinit 0

Well i have never faced such thing but seems to be that your Linux is treating your box as AT not atx..
btw.. init 0 will shutdwn ur computer but it runs only as root..
Did u tired
--- Code: ---halt -p
--- End code ---

Which Linux is this? The auto-poweroff is enabled by enabling the APM or ACPI power management.

halt -p didn't power off the machine. just like "poweroff"

what's APM and ACPI ?


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