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How to copy VCD inLinux


hi guys
i want to know as to how do we copy vcd in linux. There are avseq001.dat files which are to be copied. And even in mplayer it is giving seek failed.
The movies are working fine under windows. Plz help.
Is there some other type to mount VCD (are they not is iso9660 format)
Thank you!

You can copy vdo file from vcd simply by mounting it..  did u tried that or actually i m not understanding that do u have problem in playing the vcd or copying as u said !!!

it does not copy after mounting and also it does not play in mplayer if we play its files by browsing

did u tried to play it directly from cd by using
--- Code: ---mplayer -vcd 1
--- End code ---


--- Code: --- mencoder vcd://1 -ovc copy -oac copy -o <filename>
--- End code ---
with this you can copy a vcd......


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