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Hey guys can you help me in partition thingy.  

--- Quote ---I have two hard drives the c: for primary and d: extended. Im planning to have two os rh linux and winxp. My problem is i dont know what will be the type of partion will i use in c: and d: the logical and the primary thing. I would like to install win xp in d: which a 40 gig hard drive and the red hat for c: which is only 10. I dont know what type of partition will i choose for c: and d:.
--- End quote ---

Thanks in advance!

U use primary partition when u want to use it as a partition to install and OS. Extended partitions are used for storing ur files such as ur MP3s and so on.

Actually when u install the OS both C: and D:, both will be formatted automatically as primary by the installer for installation.

Thanks man  :D



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