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failed to make swap directory /cache---squid

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well actually path/to/cache mean the directory where you want to store cache.
It is mentioned in your squid.conf under directive..
cache_dir <path/to/cache> .

There you look for your actual cache directory and then use -z command but before that you can also run chown and chmod I mentioned earlier.


I think , cache_dir in squid .conf is /var/spool squid in RHEL...but to make sure just chk it again...., I also told u that check permissions and owner of squid dir..........,as Ricky already said

if still it dont work..then do these step by step:,i thk it should work..

#rm -rf /var/spool/squid

#mkdir /var/spool/squid

#chown squid:squid /var/spool/squid

#restorecon -R /var/spool/squid  (Don't use squid -z , if u r using this command)
#service squid start


oh....i can not start squid....failed...please, help me!!! :'( :'( :'(

Any thing like last few lines of error log of squid ?


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