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Author Topic: adsl gui problem : /usr/sbin/pppoe-wrapper:Exec format error  (Read 4653 times)

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Hello LS Team,

I have another problem with my Internet Connection. I have internet connection with text interface i can properly starting and stopping by #adsl-start and #adsl-stop command.

but from gui ican only start connection and not able to stop its showing error
/usr/sbin/pppoe-wrapper:Exec format error

when i am trying to stop the connection its giving above error.

to connect i am using #tkpppoe command

i download rpm from
and this is the rpm (rp-pppoe-gui-3.5-3.i386.rpm)

please reply me regarding this problem.

thanks in advance

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adsl gui problem : /usr/sbin/pppoe-wrapper:Exec format error
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2005, 11:19:12 AM »
Easy to make internet connection [xdsl] in RHL 9.0 & F.C( for new linux user)

1. At first, download rpm package for that .
   ( for gui , rp-pppoe -gui-3.5-1.i386)
2. then double click over it
3. enter your root passward
4. then it will install automatically.
5. go application>system settings>network>make new connection
6. click xdsl connection.
7.enter your user name & passward .
8. give provider name
9. it will make.
10. to connect click "active'
11. . to inactive click ' inactive'
                  you can make it anoter way,
open terminal  type "su"
    then copy the rpm .
then give following command

rpm -Uvh rp-pppoe-3.5-1.i386.rpm

To configure


To connect


To stop/disconnect


To install GUI based PPPoE

rpm -Uvh rp-pppoe-3.5-1.i386.rpm rp-pppoe-gui-3.5-1.i386.rpm

To connect GUI based PPPoE


                             try it.