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NTFS Resize
« on: August 01, 2005, 05:54:03 PM »
What can I do if I get "Your disk has bad sectors (manufacturing faults or dying disk)" message?
Ntfsresize supports physically damaged disks since version 1.11.0. You must also use the --bad-sectors option. Please see more details and suggestions at this option in the ntfsresize manual.

Do you know any distros that have that version with qtparted with ntfsresize 1.11.0 and QTparted 0.4.4

this is what some distros have

Knoppix 3.9 - QTParted 0.4.4  1.9.4  
SuSE 9.3 - YaST  - 1.9.4
RIP 13.0 -  1.11.0  

The current RIP is 13.9

Here is the site I am refering to


Jul 22, 2005  Ntfsprogs 1.11.1 is released. Due to popular demand, Ntfsresize now supports disks having known physical damages, bad sectors. Please see more at the --bad-sectors option in the Ntfsresize manual. Thanks to Fritz Oppliger, Richard Ebling, Sid-Ahmed Touati and Jan Kiszka for their help!

Jun 26, 2005  Ntfsprogs 1.10.0 is released. The latest Ntfsresize determines and reports more types of inconsistent NTFS and more importantly it is now also able to detect Hibernated Windows and refuse resizing to prevent Windows destroying the filesystem when it comes out of hibernation. Luckily the Hibernation mode is very infrequently used contrary to the much more comfortable thus popular Standby power saving mode that doesn't hide this filesystem destruction threat. Upgrade is strongly recommended to this version for the complete safety of users' data! Please also note that, as far as we know, no other tools implemented this extra safety check for NTFS or any other filesystems. Many thanks to Florian Eyben who called our attention to this important issue.