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Author Topic: Trouble in configuring SendMail  (Read 2381 times)

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Trouble in configuring SendMail
« on: June 21, 2005, 09:20:30 AM »
Hi Friends

I am using Redhat 9 and trying to use sendmail as mail server for our office with 40 staff connected through LAN. I will just give below what I did in my attempt to use sendmail. Please check and correct wherever I went wrong

1) In, I changed the IP address to my own ip address and then did m4 >

2) In /etc/mail/access I added an extra line (my ip) RELAY and gave the command make from /etc/mail

3) I selected ipop3 in services

4) Now did service restart for both sendmail and xinetd

5) created 2 users with useradd abc, and useradd xyz and allotted password too.

These are the only things I did in mail-server

In the PCs of staff, where we are using Linux, I tried to configure evolution to send and receive e-mails

1) Selected POP3 and gave the ip address mail server) as server.

2) Selected SMTP as outgoing and gave the same ip address again

3) Gave the username(abc) which i created in mail server.

4) Gave the emailaddress as abc@

These are the onlythings I did in client machine.

Now when I send a mail using evolution it gives message Sending message 1 of 1 for some time and then comes out with no error message.  Now when I check inbox in the other PC where evolution is configured with the other username, no mail is received.

I dont know how to proceed further.  

One of my friend told fetchmailrc file has to be kept in home directory of all the user in mailserver, only then the mails will go to the respective user. I am not sure about this too.

Your suggestions and guidance will help me to a great extent.