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How do I mount a USB Device (eg Flash Stick) on Linux?

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I purchased a usb flash stick a couple of months ago and I am wondering how to mount them as a drive on RedHat Linux 9. Previously I have only been able to mount the disk on windows or mac.

And just out of curosity is possible and how would I boot off the disk?

Any comments / ideas?

Now most of the modern distro have truly "plug and play' support for USB devices. If you plug your flash device it will get automatically detected and all the necessary value will be entered to fstab. Your drive should mounted under /mnt/flash

Try this if it is not configured automatically then ask here again.. :)

I can't exactly do it atm because my new computer I would normally use for linux doesn't turn on and it is the only one that has usb / linux. I should have it going today / tomorrow (Tuesday/Wednesday). I will look then. My old pc has been converted to a RH9 server and is working like a dream compared to my old Windows server!

And how would I boot off it?

for booting you need your motherboard to have boot support.. then u have to use dd command to copy boot sector to the flash device..
Man i have not done such thing .. but it will done as i m saying..

can't mount at the moment either,

to boot from usb, your mother board must support booting from usb port, not all comps support that

standard boot points are floppy, cdrom, hdd


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