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Title: Logging off . . W i n d o w s
Post by: JPushkarH on July 27, 2004, 12:37:51 AM
After reading topic "Why Linux ?" . . .

I want to log off windows . . . . . .
& I like to log in to linux . . . . . .

How shoud i start . . . . . .

Primaryly i use pc for
What is difference between two linux packages ?

Any e-Books / Tutirials for NewBie

Tell me you first Experince of Linux  . . . . .
Title: Logging off . . W i n d o w s
Post by: firewall on July 27, 2004, 01:45:14 PM
Hey.. welcome to the world of FREEDOM. :)

you can just start by making your pc dualboot with gnu/linux and windows. install/replace all of your windows software by GNUwinII softwares. so that you can try gnu softwares on windows too. it will help u to be accustomed with gnu softwares. :) and ofcourse besides this keep spending much time on gnu/linux. and after somedays just kick the windoz out ! simple ;)

now the difference between two packages. i think u mean two different gnu/linux distro ! right? well, basically it's all about bundled software and environment..aka flavor. :)

lots of good tutorials are available on net and in gnu/linux itself. u can
always refer those. but i prefer a book " Running Linux" from O' - Shroff Publication has it's Indian reprint. this is one of the best book on gnu/linux. u must have it if u wish to master gnu/linux.

as per as my first gnu/linux is concern it's kool. when i was first introduced to gnu/linux, there was all command line, very little graphics. Installation was kool, no gui, no mouse support, no autopartition. But overall it was pretty kool.