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Title: fedora core2 not detecting my videocard(sis 300/3005)
Post by: praneeth on July 13, 2004, 12:25:35 PM
hi guys
  i have a problem installing fedora core2.
when i stated installing automatically got into text mode and and started anaconda.  

this anaconda is unable to Probe my video card and just says unable to find videocard and proceeds with further installaltion treating as terminal.
After installation        
      :It looks  like command promt in windows. :no graphics

I have  noticed that "xorg.conf"  file is missing.

please give me a method where in i can install fedora with a default vga card

so that i  can manually edit this  to my vga driver

 my pc config:  p4 1.5Ghz
           vga :sis300/305 32mb card
           Krypton motherboard with 845 chipset