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Title: Wish to install Linux Mint 13, Mepis and Solus OS. Help!
Post by: saad1gamer on July 16, 2012, 10:56:24 PM

hi everyone,

I have a core 2 duo PC with ASUS motherboard with 2 GB ram and ATI graphic card. I already have Windows XP installed on the PC. I also wish to install 32 bit 1- Linux Mint 13, 2- Mepis and 3- Solus OS while keeping Windows XP default. Kindly inform me how to do that? Also how much space should I give to each distro and which distro should I install first and which should I install last?

Following is my current hard disk partition set up:

C: 62.1 GB (Has Windows XP)

D: 62.1 GB (Has Windows Data)

E: 62.1 GB (Free)

F: 74.5 GB (Another hard drive - Free)

Kindly guide me how to do that since I am not an expert I need your help. Best regards.  :)