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Title: That weird feeling
Post by: nankura on July 24, 2011, 01:02:03 PM
Hey guys

wasnt sure were to post this haha.

Lately ive been using fedora 15 lovelock and im very impressed by it, its a major step up from fedora 14 ( which was a pain in my ass ) and since unity has become heavily popular

So im considering switching completely from windows, im simply bored of windows. and i want a new experience and fedora has been alot of fun with a great community

But i get this weird feeling everytime i think about removing windows!!! its scary :o haha
Title: Re: That weird feeling
Post by: Avin on August 17, 2011, 04:24:05 AM
Hi Nankura,

Go ahead and Install  Linux distro(Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint or Arch) as per your future requirement for any help we Linux guys always here to help you. But for You can try dual boot Linux with Windows.  But My opinion first make list of programs those you uses on Windows and then find alternative or same program on Linux and then dump Windows.

Don't Worry... Wine is there ;D

Avin Tokade