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Title: Why linux?
Post by: dmaan on October 21, 2003, 04:06:16 PM
Why should I use linux when I am doing well in windows.? Why should I hate windows as they are the most widely available.?
Title: Why linux?
Post by: dalek on October 22, 2003, 06:12:00 AM
Question one:  If you want a rented OS, use windoze.  If you want a OS that is controlled by somebody else then go ahead, use windoze.  If you want a OS that you control and that you can customize to the limit of your ability, use Linux.  If you don't like Linux, use windoze.

Question two:  That one almost answers itself.  Viruses.  Almost 90% of viruses and trojans etc are for windoze.  Of those that are for Linux, very very few are sucessful.  A well setup Linux system is very hard to break into, not impossible, just hard to do.

I watched everybody scramble during the last virus.  Ringing their hands on if they would make it through or not.  I had to go show them how to reduce the risk of the virus and tell them not to open e-mail attachments.  While I was there, I forwarded myself one of those viruses just to see it.  No problems here.

I have a question or two for you.  You ever heard of a Mac user getting hit by a virus? Linux?  Do you like the stability of windoze?  I have heard and read about Linux systems running for months even years without a reboot.  Do that with windoze 98, 2000 or dream about with Melinium.  You can install the vast majority of software without a reboot.  You can't sneeze in windoze without rebooting.

What do you think now?  I'm not going to tell you to switch.  That is your decision to make.  I LOVE Linux.  I hate windoze and what M$ does to other companies that compete.  I'm not saying that M$ should shut down but they should change the practices they use.

Hope you have something to think about.


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Title: Why linux?
Post by: indigo on October 22, 2003, 10:43:12 AM
I hate windoze and what M$ does to other companies that compete

Well that is not a good manner. After all it is M$ who has brought the use of computer at home almost every where.
But you are right that  LInux is so customizable..
That's Why I Too Say

Title: Why linux?
Post by: Anonymous on October 22, 2003, 11:20:05 AM
"Well that is not a good manner."  Well I bet if you were to start a business to have M$ come and tell you to sell or else, you would probably see that differently.  They did that to a lot of people.  Remember the lawsuit?

Yes M$ did a lot for computers.  I had a job for a while that kept us real busy.  We were re-installing windoze after the big crash and restoring the data that was not lost.  That happened a lot.

What did they do again that was so good?  Should have waited on Linux.  Fewer bugs spreading around.

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Title: go ahead with windoze
Post by: neo on October 22, 2003, 10:02:57 PM
man if u like windoze then go ahead with it.
u will
1 get viruses as all the viruses are made for windoze
2 it will HANG all the time
3 It is not customizable
4 It is not as secure as linux
Title: Why linux?
Post by: catchercradle on October 29, 2003, 09:55:47 PM
Interesting, Newer distros like mandrake 9.x are easier to set up than any of the current M$ offerings. - Just one reboot @ the end. All my hardware recognised and supported first time - no need to use manufacturers driver disks. Most importantly secure if set up well! Many distros do not set themselves up very securely as default. At the very least set up a firewall. Also get a virus scanner! If more of us including corporates turn to linux more viruses will be written to exploit security issues in linux. - The one problem with open source code is that the virus writers have a head start compared with those writing for doze.
If we all make our systems as secure as possible though the virus writers will stick to Doze because it just has more holes in it. (broken windoze)
Title: Why linux?
Post by: luvr on November 13, 2003, 06:13:44 PM
Quote from: "catchercradle"
If more of us including corporates turn to linux more viruses will be written to exploit security issues in linux.
I absolutely agree - This is something that many Linux advocates apparently do not want to be told. One of the reasons why virus writers prefer targetting Windows, is that it is so widespread (and, of course, the virtually nonexistent security in Windows makes it ever so much more attractive, because it greatly helps virusses spread).
In fact, the virus writer known as "Gigabyte" claims to have written a virus in Tcl - one of the typical scripting languages in use under Linux. Don't know how much of a virus is really is, but she publishes the code on her website (, so your can check for yourself - at least if you know enough of Tcl to understand the code.
So, don't fool yourself: As Linux popularity grows, writing virusses for it will become more and more attractive. And, if Linux really turns out to be so secure as it is touted to be, then there will inevitably be those virus writers for whom circumventing the security is just that much greater a challenge.
Title: Why linux?
Post by: anti_microsoft on November 14, 2003, 12:21:17 AM
Yes you are right the more it gets used the more virus that will be writted for it. The thing is that linux is more complex then windows. In windows a virus is pretty easy to make execute, but in linux its not that easy. A normal user would not be able to install a virus that would effect the whole system and even to execute a virus in linux one would have to install it and go throught the steps. The only person that would be able to install the virus to have system wide access is root and we all know to run as root is pretty dumb to begin with. The only way I could see a virus working is to inbed it somehow in a program but even then I don't believe we would see the effect it has on windows, ie the blaster worm or something would not get that big with linux if it even got slightly off the ground.
Title: I have a related question
Post by: Deepthi on November 14, 2003, 10:30:40 PM
what structure of linux makes it difficult for virus creators to create one for linux?

while windows is not open source.........should it be not difficult for a person to write a virus for windows than linux as linux is open us idea of how we can actually create a virus............

i hope i have made it clear......
Title: Why linux?
Post by: dalek on November 15, 2003, 12:34:36 AM
Linux is more secure from the start.  If you don't run as root, the chance of a person getting in and causing your system harm is pretty small.  If you run a website, make sure you have a strong password.  A good password looks something like this:  Q7a2W$@21iKn60H25=  That is a good password.  No dictonary word and it uses a lot of random stuff.  The chances of someone breaking that is pretty small.  Can always make it longer too.  There are ways to insure that it can't be automated.  Timeouts after a try, disabled after a certain number of tries, etc.

I'm not going to say that it can not be done, but if configured correctly, it is very difficult.

Usually if Linux is broke in on it only affects the user that is infected.  Delete that user and the directory, then add them back.  All done.

Make sense?

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Title: Why linux?
Post by: Ricky on November 15, 2003, 11:15:52 AM
Hi.. guys. its good to give ur view but it is not good to post one thing two times..!!
So please don't post double..

Title: Why linux?
Post by: dalek on November 15, 2003, 11:45:47 AM
I think my Mozilla is having problems or something.  I ran into this with the PMs too.  I hit the button, it don't appear to do anything.  I wait a while then hit it again.  Only does it here though.

A moderator double posts.  At least I can delete though.   8)



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Title: Why linux?
Post by: narsingh on November 25, 2003, 04:38:46 AM
On the security issue:
A month back I was attending a seminar in Delhi on Communication security. A security expert from a top Communication company was demonstrating as to how easy it is to create virus and compromise the systems in a network. He gave examples of the kind of tools that are available on the Net, which makes  hackers out of novices. Well his key point was "how to become a hacker in 5 minutes." I will not go into details of what he did. But all the demo pertained to Windows network. He even demonstrated one such tool in live action. What interested me was a remark of his - he said, in this process, you are lucky if your computer crashes or reboots while the viral software is trying to access your computer. I thought, may be that is the redeeming feature of Windows. It crashes so much, but you should be thankful to Big Bill instead. "There is a silver lining in the darkest of clouds."

-- narsingh
Title: Why linux?
Post by: spoody_goon on July 25, 2004, 10:07:15 PM
One word CHOICE. Windows is a find OS but if your have no competition they will do what ever the please... thats bad for you and me
Title: Why linux?
Post by: Ricky on July 26, 2004, 02:49:46 AM
spoody> i think you were trying to say FINE ? ok

Ya if we don't have competetion then we can't do our best. But I don't understand how M$ can understand in front for millions of developer around the world of linux with his few thousand (may be hundreds) worker (developer though).
Title: Why linux?
Post by: firewall on July 26, 2004, 05:04:18 AM
If more of us including corporates turn to linux more viruses will be written to exploit security issues in linux.

sorry i dont agree, the factor of being infected by viruses depends on  the robustness of a particular software, not the usage ( individual or corporate )

90% of webservers are running apache ( windows + linux ). how many times you've heard that apache are crashed due to viruses or attacked by viruses  in compare to IIS. :) . and it's same with other security issues..
Title: Why linux?
Post by: dalek on July 26, 2004, 06:20:49 AM
The only attack that can affect any OS is DOS.  If enough people hit on a web site, it can't take the load.  Windoze will likely crash, Linux will just try to take it and do the best it can.  

If for example my system were a web server, it could probably take a few hundred people.  If 100,000 tried to access it all at once, it would not crash but it would be so slow that you would think it had and would likely time out on your side.  It would not be able to serve the data fast enough.

If I were running windoze server and had the same thing happen, windoze would likely not respond, even at the terminal in front of the machine.  Linux can handle the overload.  Windoze just throws up it's hands and says I need a reboot.

As for viruses and such, if you have a good root password, it would be VERY difficult for a virus to infect Linux.  Linux was built with security as a major focus, not a feature or side note.  Windoze just gives it a shot and hopes for the best.  Short of re-writing all the code from scratch, windoze will never be as secure as Linux.  I don't see that happening either.


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