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Author Topic: Linux distro?????? need guidence  (Read 3958 times)

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Linux distro?????? need guidence
« on: September 15, 2004, 01:44:51 PM »
I am a Windows programmer C++.
I decided to move to linux world.

I have got Red Hat Linux 9.0 . I installed it. I have got many problems: sound prob is one of tnem. I looked trought this forum I decided to move to SuSe or Fedora 2. But SuSe is available only trought FTP to install for free. So I decided on Fedora 2.

Please help me make clear a few questions.

If I will develop on this OS , will my applications be able run on other linux platforms (Linux Redhat Enterpraise, SuSe, Debian, Slackware...)???

What about Solaris and FreeBSD will my applications be able run on them???

Is the big difference (for programmer or application developer) between the mentioned OSs. Please sedcribe them in general(I see to understand it in details requires many books to read).

Who can recommend the better OS for me that can be downloaded fo free.

May be someone knows where is possible to download SuSe 9.1. fo free.

Who have downloaded Fesora2 and use it successfully.
what soes mean "SELinux integration into Fedora Core." is it alreasy integrated.
Is FC3 avalable. Is it stable

Is a good documentation avilable for Fesora 2???????????

My PC:
Proc Athlon 2500+
MotherBoard ASUS A7V8X-X with on board integrated audio
ADI 1980 6 chanel codec S/PDIF out interface ADI AD1980 AC'97 audio codec, integrated ethernet card.
Video Card: NVidia GeForce (64Mb)

Please help me

Grateful in advance
Wait for your help & guidence?