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Traceroute does not use the proxy


when i give a trace in the traceroute it gives as unknown host.
i have correctly installed the proxies and am behind a firewall.

From what I have read some specific ports must be open for traceroute and ping to work.  I'm not much on it because I'm on dial-up.  I can google though.  I found these.

The first one will tell which ports need to be open.  They both may be good to read.

Hope this helps.


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Ya.. he is right..
When using proxy .. some commands like ping and traceroute etc. will not work untill they are allowed by the proxy.
I m sure u r not able to use ping too.

man i am having a http proxy and connecting to port 80
now what exactly should i do to :
1) traceroute
2) scan hosts with nmap
my network admin is not listening.
the links given by dalek talks about ip forwarding and masquerading how to do that.
how do i also configure the dns the link alks about
Thank you!.


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