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NDP : Duplicate packets send by Kernel


I have tried to develop and implement NDP(Neighbor Discovery Protocol) in Linux based PC's  refering RFC 4861.

I have created a  socket "socket (AF_INET6, SOCK_RAW, IPPROTO_IPV6)".  NS/NA packect (ipv6 header + icmpv6 header+options) are filled and send by developer itself .

In Wireshark,I have monitored that NS packet which I have filled is being send + Kernel sends NS packets of its own and receives NA packets.

So I am confused and stuck in my work. Can anyone please help and explain

1.why this duplicate packets generated by kernel of its own?

2.If kernal handles ICMPv6 packets, which is the scenario where NDP should be developed and implemented? 

Thanks in advance :)


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