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Which one is your favourite Distro in Linux ?

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yes... @Tuxfan... besides it supports most hardwares .


I haven't yet tried my internal modem and USB Scanner with PCQ Linux (based on Fedora Core 1). External modem works fine.

I will have to see how internal modem and USB Scanner works with PCQ Linux because there have been problems with detection.

Red Hat 9 failed to recognise them. :(

dunno about internal modems but in pcqlinux usb scanner will work, though it will not autodetect it. refer howtos on usb to make ur scanner work.


Ok. Thanks. :)

i really feel redhat is better than suse( i used only redhat and suse, nothing apart from those two ). you can see some marketing stratagies in the commercial versions!! its not bad!! but still i like to use redhat and i always feel comfortable with redhat!!


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