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Author Topic: Rules & Guidlines for Using the LinuxSolved.com Forums  (Read 6367 times)

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Rules & Guidlines for Using the LinuxSolved.com Forums
« on: February 23, 2004, 02:34:50 PM »
Now I think it is the time to POST some guidlines which should be followed here.

Following are the Guidelines which you should try to implement when you are using LinuxSolved.com. We have made these to have better content and to have more friendly Community.

1. Please try to be little descriptive about your Question's Title.  Try to avoid using "Need Help Urgently" or "Sendmail". Instead use "This Problem in This thing" and "How to configure Sendmail" respectively. It will result in time saving for the people who knows the exact answer.

2. Please try to be as descriptive as you can! Don't use that Description as
How to configure sendmail on Suse
Thanks in Advance
Intead go for
How to configure Sendmail in Suse. I have downloaded and installed the sendmail from its source. Now I want to know that what files should edit to implement send mail for my LAN so that my LAN can use it to send and receive mails on internet. ie. When a net connection is available it sends and receives all mails using my ISP's smtp and POP accounts"
Thanks in Advance
It will help us to solve your problem quickly rather than asking you more question that what is your requirements .etc.

3. Please don't use Chat like language Like " when I log to the server it gave the err. message  tht "u r not authorized to access the account"
Instead use -- > " When I log to the server it gave the following error message"
Code: [Select]
You are not authourized to access the account"
4. Kindly avoid posting only smilies and useless posts Like "Thank you! Man" or "Any time" It don't mean that we are stopping you to reply some one's appreciation to you but try to avoid that for keeping the content of the forum healthy.

5. Try to tell us or inform us when you get your problem  solved so that others will not post more possible solutions to your problem. To do so simply post a reply that My problem is solved thankyou all for your help and Support.

6. Don't Post same question twice even if you think that both the places are suitable to ask that specific question. If we see we any question twice we will immediately delete the one.

7. Avoid showing hatred to anyone. Don't use abusive words.

8. Don't post links to other site's which are irrevalent to the post ie. doing advertisement for any type of website is considered as spamming.

9. Last but not least! Please give some time to get you Query solved. It is good idea to let the people give you answer with their ease so that you can get proper result. i.e. Keep  patience!

Thank you all!
Following the above rules will result in better and healthier LinuxSolved.com forums