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Any help for motorola sm56 modem (winmodem?!)


I have a Cyrix 550 Mhz 256 MB SD Ram(133Mhz) based machine based on Intel 815E motherboard and Motorola SM56 internal (win)modem.  I am not able to use it in linux.  Though many help forum ask me to checkout winmodems webpage or motorola's site for support, it is not giving any positive results.

Anybody having the above modem and successfully working in linux, can help me out.

If this is old and already replied question (I could not find this topic anyway), I will be glad if reply could be sent to my mail address (

Try these links.  They usually help.

I have never used a winmodem before.  Sorry.

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Well first of you have to find out that does you modem is detected in Linux ??
post the output of the following ::

--- Code: ---cat /proc/pci
--- End code ---

HI man
i also have a motorola sm56 modem
it used to work with RHL 7.1 but after that motorola company stopped making the sm56 modems . that was the last driver that they made. From that time onwards i am not able to use muy modem under linux.


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