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Help!! Cross-Compiler in linux
« on: November 18, 2004, 01:57:24 PM »
Hello, People. I am new in the forum and in the UNIX use, I need aid.

I am trying to create linux embedded with patch RTLinux, I need to make to cross-compiler for target i386, but I am doing it in host i686, with RedHat 9, when treatment to form the BinUtils, soon to compile it, produces me an error, when I execute.

[frankdom@linuxhost build-binutils]$../binutils-2.10.1/configure --target=${TARGET} --prefix=${PREFIX}

where ${TARGET}=i386-linux




this it is the error.

Configuring for a i686-pc-linux-gnuoldld host.
Created "Makefile" in /home/frankdom/control-project/daq-module/build-tools/build-binutils using "mt-frag"
collect2: cannot find `ld'
*** The command 'gcc -o conftest -g -O2 -W -Wall conftest.c' failed.
*** You must set the environment variable CC to a working compiler.

So that it tries it to do for i686? As I can solve?

Thanks .. Excuse ingles. I am from Venezuela.

NOTE: The used book as guide is "BUILDING EMBEDDED LINUX SYSTEMS", by the author KARIM YAGHMOUR and the publishing house O`REILLY