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Kernel upgradtion problem


while giving
         make bzImage command
                iam getting the following error:
            Assembler message:
            Error: Unknown pseudo-op: `.incbin'
            make[1]: *** [usr/initramfs-data.o] Error1
            make: *** [usr] Error2

How to solve the above Error?

can u  tell which options u enabled may be they depend on each other?
Did u run
# make dep
command before  make bzImage

Yes, follow the following standard steps:

1. make mrproper (If this is the first time u run a new
    kernel config)

2. make menuconfig (honestly everything here
    depends on your choice and decision)

(Note: get a working kernel and compare the options to suite ur needs- Read the help rovided in the kernel help)

3. make dep

4. make clean

5. make bzImage

6. make modules

7. make modules_install

8. Copy the kernel to /boot directory

9. Add it to the boot manager. (LILO/GRUB)

10. Reboot & DONE


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